"We had full input to the design engineering process at the Downtown Hyatt. Our work with EIFS led to remarkable savings, to enhanced aesthetics and to a consistently excellent quality of materials."

Midwest Drywall's evolved capacity in Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) played a major part in the economies achieved on this signature hotel project. Even as the Wichita Hyatt's foundation was being poured, we were busy building exterior panels in the shop. Just as soon as the structure's framework was complete, we installed the panels, using our own HEK scaffolding and the general contractor's crane on a swing shift. The building was almost immediately enclosed, and interior work began. Undeniably our work with EIFS leads to some remarkable savings, in time and labor alike, but also to enhanced aesthetics and to consistently excellent quality of materials (no damage from the weather). Again, our early involvement in the planning stages ‘ with full input to the design engineering process ‘ was fundamental to the economy, the fast-track scheduling, and the eventual success of the entire project.

Architects involved: Cooper Carry & Associates, Architects, Marcia Davis & Associates, Gosen Livingston Architects

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